Habla, Imatin

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Sara K., Nurit F., Driver: Nadim Translation: Bracha B.A.

10:15 – Hebrew Lesson at Imatin.  Eight women arrived, three of whom had one-year-old children with them.   I suggested that we begin with reading pages that I had prepared.  There was hesitation and even objection by one of the women.  They preferred to talk.  To my delight they were pleased to be able to identify words and read short sentences.  The woman who had objected asked that we do the same next week.  We then held a class discussion about health and illness to increase their vocabulary.  

At 11:30 a Yoga lesson began with Sara.  Four women joined.  As an observer I was impressed with the seriousness with which the women did the exercises, and they were smiling and pleased at the end of the lesson.

 At 12:45 we went to the observation point at the edge of the village that overlooks Chavat Gilead.   

We then spoke with the store owner whose two cars had been burned by settlers in a plot that occurred three weeks ago.  He said that three settlers were arrested, but is not eager to talk about these incidents.   He added that it is now quiet in the village.

A military vehicle was parked on Route 55 on the way to Azun. 

 13:00 Habla Gate - The gate is open and there is a lot of traffic in both directions.  Tractors, wagons, and cars passed through without any delay.  A shepherd with a herd of goats crossed the gate and moved on to a nearby pasture.