Nabi Ilyas

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Brenda, Rachel A., Translation: Bracha B.A.

We arrived at 10:00 and were surprised to see about 20 children waiting outside the classroom.  Most were girls meticulously dressed, some with satchels and writing utensils, but there were also some boys.   There were four of Brenda's students waiting in the classroom, but as usual not all of them came.   When the rest of the students entered the classroom it was not clear what was going on, and after R., who was responsible for them, spoke to them they left the classroom. 

After a discussion with Dvorka on Sunday (we are not sure with whom)  she agreed to teach English on Fridays without arranging it, and the children were clearly disappointed that they had come but the lesson was not to take place.   I went outside with them to play ball and Frisbee.  It was difficult because there were a lot of children and the boys were rowdy, and we had no language in common.  The girls who were 11-12 years old have a lot of difficulty with English, but are eager to learn and experience something new.  Brenda discussed the possibility of teaching adults for an hour followed by the children's lesson.

   At 11:20 the lesson ended and we went to talk with the women in the shed where they were baking pita bread.  One of them had worked in Israel and spoke Hebrew.  

We left at 12:00.