Etzion DCL

Shlomit S., Ora A., Translator: Naomi Gal



14:20 A large crowd was packed in the hall and many waited outside as well. Most arrived between 08:00 to 09:00 am. An elderly man complained: "The soldiers inside don’t work." We phoned the center and told them about it. We waited, but saw no change. We found out that throughout our stay, only one soldier was handling the dozens of people who came to receive magnetic cards. Many left disappointed. People who were restricted by the GSS were told they cannot get magnetic cards. Two student nurses, who were invited to a day visit at the Makassed Hospital, were refused entry permits and were told to come back in a month (!). Also a guy, who requested a new card because the magnet in his magnetic card stopped working, was told to come in a month (!). This means that he won’t be able to work for a whole month! 
We spoke with Hannah, who tried to help and probably tomorrow he will get a new card. As we stood on the steps of the exit, soldiers appeared and firmly ordered us to come down. It turns out that in order to get rid of us there is no shortage of soldiers but when it comes to work no soldier is available. When we left, a man approached us and said he was refused a permit and was instructed to come back in a month. He insisted and went in again, and again was turned down, and so he went back five times and finally his wish was granted.  
At 16:20 they announced that they will not let in more people. Two people, who arrived in the morning and waited all day, were left outside. They wanted to go in but were not admitted. The soldier claimed that the machine issuing magnetic cards is out-of-order . Still people came out who did got magnetic cards and other people came out who didn’t get cards. Apparently the machine was selectively out-of-order.