'Azzun, Far'ata

Yehudit Katz, Miki Toussia-Cohen, Orli Wertheim, Riki Frenkel (reporting), Translator Tal H.

We reached Far'ata at 13:45. We were recieved by one of the women who was supposed to open up the place.

About 12 women and lots of children arrived at 14:00. Yehudit who used to be a fashion designer and is now a weaving artist and teaches at Shenkar design academy began to work with the women on crochet (knitting with a single needle). The older women are very experienced in this technique and Yehudit showed them new patterns. She taught the younger women the basics, with the older women's help. Everyone was very excited and interested. The atmosphere was positive and joyful.

At the same time, Miki taught the children English. About 10 boys and girls participated. She asked each child to say their name, age and residence in English. During the class she used her knowledge of Arabic to explain words and rules unknown to the children. Later they sang and played - and all in English. The children initiated an intergenerational game of "musical chairs" and... all ate toffee candy that Miki had brought with her.

In a third room Orli gave her single pupil a private lesson, where the girl drew a doll with realistic proportions, not "invented" ones. Next week this practice will continue. As homework, she was asked to draw a bottle. The girl is very happy with this opportunity of receiving "private instruction" in drawing.

I remained with nearly nothing to do. Most beadwork pupils chose to study crochet this time - the new attraction, and I was left with a single pupil. After some joint efforts she managed to bead our new pattern, which was very difficult this time.

We finished at 15:45.

16:00 Azzun

On our way back we saw two armoured cars east of the vilage. One very close to Azoun itself, and the other a bit further east. They stood by the roadside and seemed to be monitoring the road or the entire area.