Bethlehem (300)

Efrat B., Clair Oren, Translation: Naomi Gal



08:45 to 10:30 
Two windows are open - most of the time there is no pressure.

A masked security guard tries to push us out claiming we disturb him and that it is forbidden to stand there. The checkpoint commander calmed him down.

Grandparents arrive with their grandson, a boy of seven. The woman-soldier refuses to let them pass. We turn to the commander so he can examine and consider. Eventually, he lets them pass but he explains to us: “There are instructions not to let a child pass without a parent because there were cases when people tried to smuggle children." The purpose of the checkpoint is of course to maintain law and order in Palestinian Society.

People approach us and say the situation on the other side is difficult, a long wait, only one sleeveinfo-icon is open. We turn to the DCO and it's probably beneficial because suddenly a lot of people arrive and wait at the two windows. The commander stands between the windows and passes some of the people to shorten the wait.