Nabi Ilyas

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Brenda, Nurit P. (reporting)

We arrived at the Baladia (Council) at 10:00. Three adults were waiting for us with the intention of learning English. Brenda made ​​it clear that three is too small a group and it was agreed that English classes will not take place in this format. As we were talking with the women children gathered around the Baladia and their number was growing. The commotion outside was great and so was the disappointment realizing that the children’s English lesson was postponed due to the illness of the teacher. Although they have received a notice of cancellation early in the morning, still about 25 children came equipped with notebooks and textbooks of varying degrees of difficulty. The age range was great too, from age 5 to 13, 14.

Brenda consented to R.’s request to hold a brief meeting with the children, despite her frustration for not bringing materials she usually brings to a lesson with children. We went down to a spacious hall at the Baladia building. The women arranged chairs in a circle and the children (boys and girls) set down in excited anticipation. The encounter began with a brief introduction, followed by a translation of a famous children’s song. Then Brenda sung together with the children, using the appropriate hands gestures. The atmosphere was very cheerful and there were lots of laughs. They needed to see the spelling of the words. One of the women wrote the words they learned in English and translation to Arabic on the blackboard.

Resourceful Brenda managed to organize an impromptu meeting. She captured the hearts of the children. The joy was great and everyone left satisfied.