Nabi Ilyas

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Brenda and Liora

Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham


We, Brenda the teacher and Liora the driver, arrived at the classroom a bit late, but we were forgiven for being late.  Five girls and two boys were waiting for us.   One additional girl arrived with a two-month-old babyinfo-icon, who was extremely well-behaved.   We were, of course, offered coffee and cake.   The lesson began with presenting newspapers.   Brenda explained how international newspapers deal with the Middle East more than any other region in the world.  The students were extremely impressed with this.   Each student received a newspaper and the assignment of reading an article and talking about it at the next lesson.   Do we expect a lot of students to be absent at the next lesson?

Afterwards the lesson was devoted to conversation, which the students were waiting for.  The students received written pages and the students read from the pages to improve their pronunciation. 

Brenda then asked the students "What is love?"  There was a lot of embarrassed laughter.  There were some comments offered by the more adventurous students about feelings, but no one said that they loved anyone else except for other members of their families or chocolate.  This was an introduction to another part of the lesson in which the students received pages with a story about a beloved dog.    After an hour we parted lovingly, and we are not certain whether the students enjoyed the lesson more than we did. 

It was wonderful to see how the children outside who were not yet ten years old helped me turn the car around and pull out.