Bethlehem (300)

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Sylvia P., Hannah A., Goni Z., Ronit D., Translator: Naomi Gal


Bethlehem Checkpoint (the Israeli side) 
06:45 - Goni and I arrive at the Checkpoint. Outside it’s busy as usual, filled with people and cars. Our acquaintance is already sitting in his usual place and tells us that if he is here already it means that the passage today was fine. Inside the hall is packed but not overcrowded. Four windows are open and passage flows smoothly. The security guard greets us, says that earlier it was chaotic, now pressure has subsided. He helps a young boy who wants to pass to Bethlehem and doesn’t know just where to pass. The guard is troubled about a young woman who is waiting outside and talking on the phone. It turns out she is a student waiting for her friend. The friend arrives and they cross to  Bethlehem.

A woman arrives with a young girl. She tries to go through one of the windows. It doesn’t work. She moves to another window. There too they won’t let her pass. Apparently she is accompanying her young daughter to a medical treatment. She turns for help to the officer and the guard and the officer lets her pass.

07:00 – Before 07:00 the checkpoint is almost empty. A few people arrive and they pass immediately. Two  windows close causing the rise of a small queue in front of the two open ones, but there is no pressure. Meanwhile, Sylvia and Hannah arrived and joined us. Y. the child who had a kidney transplant arrives with his mother. We greet them and are happy to see how well the boy looks; he has gained weight and grown taller. His mother is pleased to report that he feels good.

other people is undesirable and they often have unpleasant experiences, but they don't believe that we should go back to the borders of 1967.

07:25 –The hall is completely empty. As usual people who were helped or who need help for relatives and friends turn to Sylvia. We leave. Outside the coffee and pretzel sellers ask us to come every day. When we come it is better, they say, but we have to remind them that sometimes the pressure is great and there are problems even when we are there.

I had to leave at this point. The others did not report any special events at the DCO. Occupation routine.