Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Shula Nachmias, Rachela Chayut (reporting) Translation: Yael Bassis-Student

0750-0820  Tura-Shaked checkpoint    

Extremely cold. Six soldiers (male and female). The edge of the road is abound in garbage. Traffic is slow. A college student on his way to Jenin for economics exam. A woman with two girls. A donkey harnessed to a buggy  with its coachman – A typical scene of every checkpoint.

A young woman, who had arrived in an Israeli vehicle and is required to present a permit while steel in the sleeveinfo-icon at the entrance.


0830 – 0910 Bsrta'a-Rihan checkpoint  

At the cab's park we met Amjud with his tiny daughter Marie.

The sleeve is busy. We hear that there are many people inside the terminal but all goes well…. Two windows are open.

Passage time for three people that we observed today was 15-20 minutes.

The Southern car parks – the official one and the make shift one are full.

One of those crossing over to Barta'a reported of heavy load of traffic at the Taibe (Yirtach) checkpoint. And of people from Jenin and its vicinity who work inside Isarel and are forced to cross over from that checkpoint, because the Rihan checkpoint is for those going to Barta'a only. Occupation…

We have noticed that a new restaurant was open at Um-Rihan.