'Azzun 'Atma, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)

Fathhiya Akfa, Yehudith Levin (reporting and photographing). Translator: Charles K.

We met with the Palestinian from Madma whose

car was burned in a “Tag Price” attack.


In the same week that settlers from the

 Esh Kodesh outpost were vigorously beaten

by Palestinian residents of Kusra,

settlers burned two cars in Madma

(a village near the Yitzhar settlement)

in the middle of the night and also

sprayed slogans as part of a “Tag Mechir” attack.


We met with the owner of one of the burned cars.  He said that neighbors awakened him before dawn; they’d heard noises coming from where his car was parked.  He came out quickly and managed to see four masked figures running away, but not before they poured gasoline on the car and set it on fire.  They fled in a blue vehicle.  They also burned another car and sprayed “Tag Mechir for Esh Kodesh.”


He has to cover the cost of the damage alone because no authority accepts responsibility for such an attack (we have his name and phone number in case someone has an idea how to submit a claim for compensation, and to whom).

15:05  Huwwara.  Three army jeeps parked at the checkpoint, facing toward Nablus.  We waited in the parking lot to see what they’re doing.  But they drove off, so we don’t know.


16:05  An army jeep, lights flashing, is parked at the entrance to the village of Beita.


16:10  Za’tara.  Two police cars parked at the checkpoint, awaiting prey.  No inspections.  We saw no signs posted on the checkpoint fence.  It seems the army (?!) has learned to remove all banners the settlers hang on the fence.


16:20  A command car and soldiers on guard in an olive grove next to the village of Hars, not far from the junction to the Barkan industrial zone.  Farther on you can see construction in the Ariel industrial zone continuing.  Who buys their products?



16:30  Azzun Atma.  There’s congestion at this

hour because laborers are returning from their work week.