Leah R., Ana N.S. Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


06:10 Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint  

On our way to the sleeveinfo-icon we see several trucks  leaving the premises after inspection. In the sleeve itself there are many people going up on their way to work at the Seam Line zone, or in Israel. Men put on their belts as they walk or talk on the phone, cigarettes in their mouths. 'What's going on inside?"

According to some people, inspection is quick but there are many people inside at this time and waiting in line is long. More and more people come out of the terminal, looking angry and worried to be late for their ride. Is there a way to shorten the line in the morning?


Two windows are open inside. Within an hour 170 people, mostly young, age 30+, pass.

Seamstresses are running late for their jobs in Barta'a. According to them they number is 70-80 women.

A few return home from their night's shift.


Another example of taking advantage of Palestinian workers in Israel :  One of the workers tells us that his father and two others had worked at Katzir as tile layers, with a work permit. In their first month of employment the employer paid their salary but in the second month, they worked two weeks and then he told them that he ran out of money and can't pay them. They had turned to Kav-La'Oved but to no avail. We shall try to help them.


07:10   We go down to the car park. The stream of those coming out weakens. Another group of vehicles drives out of the inspection area. More and more cars arrive at the car park , unload passengers and drive back at an  assembly line pace. People are seen for a moment inside the sleeve and then are swallowed in the maze inside  the terminal.


07:30  We pick up the sick child, Ali,  and his mother, and drive them over to the hospital in Haifa for an emergency exam. His bad condition is heartbreaking.