Beit Dajan, Beit Furik, Habla, Huwwara

Ptachya Akfa, Yehudit Levine (reporting and photographing), translated Yael S.

1340  Chabla checkpoint   An Israeli resident is trying to obtain a permit to cross over with his horse. Negative answer.


1405  Entrance to Azun   A military Jeep is parked. At least the gate is open (In the photo on the right hand side)


1430  Chawara checkpoint  There are no soldiers at the inspection cabins.


Awarta checkpoint   Closed, as always.


Beit Furik checkpoint    Un manned.


Beit Djan  checkpoint

Unmanned. A minibus drivers updates us that occasionally soldiers would stand by the gate but there is no inspection.


Za'atra checkpoint

 Soldiers inspect a big truck. For a while it gets crowded but it clears up in a short while. An Iron hand + chain close the car park that used to be open (Left hand side of the photo).


1555  Near the village of Charess,

Between the Olive grove and the road light cross road from which there is a turn to the Barkan industrial area. It is more than a month now (On out Thursdays shifts) we got used to presence of soldiers, this time there is police as well. Between the village of Barikin and the Ariel industrial area, we see a military Jeep driving by, with flickering lights.

Workers wait for inspection as they return home.