'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Tzafrira Zamir, Neta Golan, Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham


14:50 – A'anin Checkpoint

We arrived a little early.  About 20 men, two women, a few children, and five tractors were waiting for the checkpoint to open.  We tried to find out what had happened on Monday when evidently entry permits were confiscated.  One person told us that 47 permits had been taken, but we did not understand whether or not they were returned.  


The soldiers also arrived early and got ready to open the checkpoint.  People said that there was a young man sitting in the army jeep that they did not know.  The young man was taken to sit on the bench in the fence area.


The officer, a lieutenant, ordered the tractors to cross first.  One of the drivers said that he had crossed in the morning with a permit that was no longer valid. Evidently the soldiers had not paid attention to this. He asked for a new permit but it was not yet granted.  They now noticed and phoned to clarify the matter.  The man was allowed to cross.  The pedestrians were asked to cross in groups of five.   


Meanwhile another young man was detained on the bench together with two fathers and five children.  The military policewoman telephoned to clarify matters and all were allowed to cross except the young man who had arrived in 5the jeep.  Another tractor arrived and it was allowed to cross without having to wait for the military policewoman. 

A soldier informed us that the young man in the jeep attempted to cut the separation fence and has caused damage.  He was returned to the jeep. 


15:30 – The officer locked the gatesinfo-icon of the checkpoint and drove away with the young man.


15:40 – Shaked – Tura Checkpoint

There is no traffic at the checkpoint.  Two pedestrians crossed to the West Bank and a van crossed to the seamline zone.  The garbage container is overflowing and the area around the checkpoint is filled with litter.  We saw the officer from the A'anin checkpoint but we didn't see the young man.


16:05 – Reihan – Barta'a Checkpoint, Seamline Zone Side

A lot of people are descending the sleeveinfo-icon and crossing through the turnstile at the entrance to the terminal.  Again we are told that we should come to the Irtah – Sha'ar Ephraim checkpoint in the morning.  A few people cross to the seamline zone.


16:30 – We left the spotless and immaculate checkpoint.