South Hebron Hills, Thu 4.4.13, Morning

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Leah.Y., Boteyna; Mira B. (reporting), Mohamed (driver and participant)


Shift objectives: creative activity in Huda’s kindergarten, Hashem el Daraj, together with Huda


The theme:My body – dolls out of toilet-paper cylinders, kalkar balls and pipe cleaners


It was a day of sandstorms and sudden cold. Many children didn’t come, some arrived with their mother, who stayed because going home in the storm was so hard. 15 children attended.

As we entered, the children were seated in a circle on chairs, and straw mats we had brought some weeks ago. Because of Mohamed’s presence, Huda and the other women covered their faces. Mohamed decided to leave and find something else to do (a pity, since he is such an important part of our activities). Luckily, we had Boteyna, who translated and connected us with Huda and Amana her aunt, who was working as her aide.

We brought dressing-up clothes for acting the story, “Rasha’s Hat”, about a girl with a hat whose feathers were blown away, one after another, until she learned to hold her hat properly and save a feather. On our previous visit we had done this without dressing up and no musical instruments and the children had looked frozen. Today they were more relaxed. This time, they put flowers on themselves and acted the part of the wind.

Then we moved on to the table activities. We made dolls out of cardboard rolls as the body, the kalkar balls as the head, and the pipe cleaners for the arms and the legs and a belt. Huda had prepared material for the dolls’ garment. Finally, we glued eyes on the face and drew hair on the head. It was a bit complicated. Lucky we were three women. Some of the children enjoyed playing with the dolls and coloring the face and dresses. Some seemed bored. In the end, Huda decided would leave the dolls in preschool – we strung them up (on hangers Mohamed had made last time). We really need shelves and tables to exhibit the children’s work.


Pictures of the activity (Mira – Gan Huda art activity April 4th, 2013


“Staff” meeting:

Mohamed joined us – since the children and their mothers had gone home, Huda felt free enough not to cover her face. We talked over tea and cookies and discussed the activities we had planned. Thursday, in two week’s time, we shall make models of houses out of milk cartons. And after that we’re planning to sing children’s songs about ‘Handy from Nazareth’. Huda took it on herself to prepare the materials we had brought for the activities. We also left tools for making things with plastecine – maybe they will start something new even in our absence.