Dorit G., Galit A., Hagit B. (reporting); Charles K. (trans.)

We drove on Highway 317 to visit and support the residents of Khirbet Tawwani who were attacked again on Saturday by settlers from Havvat Ma’on.  The attack occurred near the home of the Ra’ba’i family, the house nearest Havvat Ma’on.  H. was trying to plow and was attacked by a hail of stones.


More permanent structures are being built in the illegal outposts of Asahel and Eshtamoa.  At Eshtamoa we saw a soldier patrolling and guarding them.


We see almost no military vehicles.  The occupation routine continues.  There’s considerable damage to the almond and olive groves whose trees collapsed under the heavy snow.  The farmers have suffered great losses, all from Allah.  They have no insurance.



B., our friend, completed the second story of his house after winning his court case against the Civil Administration at Ofer.


Noam Federman’s farm: Horse farm greatly expanded.


Hazon David outpost collapsed from the snow.


Curve 160 checkpoint.  A military jeep guards the checkpoint (from the next alley up the road).


The worshippers route.  The additional road that was built is now an attractive staircase.


Children outside; otherwise, the town appears deserted.  It’s sad and disheartening.