Huda`s preschool, Hashem el Daraj

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Nurit B. Judy A. (reporting), Mohamed (driver and participant)

Thursday, 4.01.2014, 9::00-13:00

Nurit B. Judy A. (reporting), Mohamed (driver and participant)


Purpose of the workshop:  Creative activity with Huda in Hashem el-Daraj preschool.


Topic of the activity:  The activity for today was about the season of winter.  Twenty-eight children were present for the activity.  Huda started with a story       “ Basha’s Hat” and asked children questions about winter.  When she asked about winter clothing, two of the children held up their mittens.  Upon completion of the story, Amna took the younger children into the second classroom and the older children moved to the activity tables. 


Huda explained the activity – cutting and pasting winter items (children dressed for winter, rain clouds, animals) onto a worksheet with a picture of two children standing under a tree with a rain cloud over them.  Cutting was challenging for some of the children due to lack of experience with scissors.  Nurit suggested to Huda that she work with them on that skill.  Once they had finished cutting and pasting, they colored the pictures.  Most of them were quite skillful in coloring within the lines of the picture.  After finishing the picture, Huda wrote each child’s name on his/her picture.


In the meantime, Amna was helping the younger children who were interested to color a picture of winter – a more detailed one than given to the older children.  The individual winter items were cut out for the younger children so they could simply paste the items onto the winter picture and then color it.  The children not interested in the activity played with various toys in this classroom.


At the end of the session, the children took their pictures home.


Pictures of the activity (Winter, January 2, 2014(:



Staff meeting:  We sat with Huda and Amna to discuss the continuation of the activity until our next visit.  The activity will take place every day with a small group of children during the time that the others are playing outside.  Each child will create a picture or two of winter and will color or paste on it other material (wool, heavy cloth) related to winter.  This will then be pasted on large pieces of construction paper which we provided.   At our next visit, the topic will be social games.