Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S., Ora A. Translator: Naomi Gal


13:40 the parking lot is almost empty. Only one car is parked there. In the entrance hall, an elderly woman and her two daughters are waiting for the father whowent in to ameeting with the GSS. The sophisticated machine that issues numbers to those who are waiting, is hard at work. Occasionally a message in Arabic is heard that the owner of a certain number may enter. No one goes in. It seems that the "winner" had long given up and left. Some people arrive who want to renew their magnetic card that has expired. 

They go in and come out immediately, because on Thursday they only renew magnetic cards until 12:00 (we were told that the computers that renew the cards are "closed", not functioning. Probably Sabbath’s rest begins here on Thursday).Both daughters, who are waiting with their mother, are called in to join their father. The mother is left alone in the hall. Outside several young men who were summoned to the GSS are standing and according to them have been waiting since morning. A young man turns to us for advice, and says he is GSS restricted. We gave him Sylvia’s phone number.  A few people arrive to apply for an entrance permit to Israel; they let them in one by one. Throughout the entire time we were there the orderly conduct continued.