Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Leah R. Translation: Yael B-S.


06:00 Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint.


Many of the workers have already gone through inspection and at this time are waiting transportation. I go out through the sleeveinfo-icon. For a short while a bird's twitter is heard but immediately we're back to reality. I am told that adults go through quickly, but the younger people's  inspection takes between half an hour to an hour. The person in charge whom I turn to is practically hurt by my question and suggests that it takes only 10 minutes. We inquire further and all answers are correct - at times it takes 5 minutes and other times it might take half an hour and even an hour. Another problem is that the computer is often out of order and so is the inspection facility.


Workers' permit indicates time of exit and time of return. When people come early more than once, they are sent to Salem. Is it a punishment? I didn't understand.

The person in charge claims that he must comply with orders . Of course, order is above all!!

Someone gives a mime show of the inspection; he takes off his clothes and shivers from cold, gets angry and gets dressed again. All giggle wholeheartedly.


An elderly man goes by, waiting for his son. He is on his way to the Hospital. A car with two small children drives by; they appear in an urgent need of medical care (Yuval's commando for medical care).


07:00 I leave.


07:15 Shaked-Tura checkpoint  

This site brings up many questions regarding its necessity and its conduct. The checkpoint is open, and only a few are crossing. Those who are here usually talk with us. Tell us about their children, work etc. they are friendly.

The children go through and one girl sticks out her tongue at us. She might have a reason to angry this morning. I like her.

everything seems to be ok.


07:40  I leave.