'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, Eliyahu Crossing, Falamiya

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Nina S., Dina A. (reporting), Anat A. (guest),Translator: Charles K.


On the way to 'Azzun 'Atma we see the progress made in constructing the new wall.  A fairly long section of it already parallels the entrance road to Elkana.  We saw many holes in the old fence; apparently it’s no longer being maintained.  The new wall appears impassible.


06:20  'Azzun 'Atma checkpoint

Many laborers who’ve crossed warm themselves at small bonfires.  Three children walk around selling coffee.  The waiting line is moderately long, about 50 people; all is calm.  Crossing goes fairly quickly, but people keep joining the line and it doesn’t get any shorter.  We saw that it took 20 minutes to get through.  Towards 07:00 the line became much shorter.


07:20  Habla checkpoint

We met Otman and his wife; they had been put in touch with the group of volunteers driving people to Israeli hospitals for treatment.  The person driving them to Tel Hashomer hospital has just arrived. 

There are few people in line; crossing goes pretty quickly.

07:25  The children’s bus goes through rapidly.  The driver opens the baggage compartment for inspection; two soldiers kneel down, weapons pointed toward it – lest someone leap out?

07:40  Many people arrive moments before the checkpoint closes at 07:45.  Many cars also; they must prefer to go through right before it closes and don’t want to cross earlier.

07:48  Three more people arrive from the Israeli side.   Although the gatesinfo-icon are open, the soldiers didn’t want to admit them, but after discussion they let them through.  The gates close.  More laborers who hadn’t managed to find work arrive from the side of the plant nurseries and want to return home; a discussion with the soldiers – they weren’t allowed through.  Now they’ll have to wait for the gate to open in the afternoon.  The soldier sends them to the Eliyahu checkpoint which is open all the time, but they don’t have money for the taxi ride.

They say they can’t afford a taxi when they earn only NIS 50 a day.


08:10  Eliyahu crossing

Four cars wait for inspection; 2 are being inspected.


Izbet Tabib – 'Azzun

The entrance to Izbet Tabib is open, as is the main entrance to 'Azzun.


We tried to reach the Eyal crossing via the Tzofin gate but weren’t allowed through.


09:00  Falamiya gate

It’s quiet.  A tractor crosses quickly, as does a pedestrian coming from the Israeli side.  We don’t see anyone working on the new fence.


09:40  Eliyahu crossing.  Three cars being inspected.