Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

.Leah R., Netta G. (reporting), Translation: Yael B-S



Last shift of 2013


06:05 Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint

 People arrive at the car park , on the Palestinian side, and immediately enter the terminal.


06:30 The seam Line zone    

Vehicles wait for those coming out of the checkpoint in the direction of the Seam  Line zone, to take them to work. It seems that the lengthening of the sleeveinfo-icon has improved safety of people going through.

Most of the cars wait at the car park, rather than on the main road.

People who come out of the terminal continue on to the sleeve. We go down to the entrance of the terminal. Two inspection posts are open. Some complain about being inside for half an hour, others said that the procedure was quick. Men come out holding their belts, a few complain about the requirement to take off coats and sweaters.


06:45   People report that there are no more people inside the terminal. Only one inspection post is open.

No one goes to the West Bank at this time.


07:05  Shaked-Tura checkpoint 

 The site opened on time; we are told that yesterday it opened at 07:30.

People cross into the Seam Line zone, going at work  at  the Shahak industrial zone and in East Barta'a.

At this time they wait  for the drivers to complete their inspection and proceed to work. Schoolchildren and students cross into the West Bank.


07:50  We leave. Even at this early morning hour, when there is traffic at the checkpoint, the site and its facilities appear out of proportion to the number of people using it.