Immatin, Ibet Tabib Jit Junction, Nabi Elias,

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Suzi A., Nurit P., Sarela Y., Daphne A., Brenda G.,Devorka O. Natanya translating.


The shift included activities with women (and one man) at Nabi Elias and Immatin.

We had a meeting with people of Immatin and Iszbet-Tabib following the attacks of settlers on Far'ata and Immatin and the attack of the army at Immatin-Far'ata-and Izbet Tabib in the last days.

A meeting of Dalia G,, Daniela G. and with the advisor in Nabi Elias concerning the following tours.


9.15Nabi Elias. A meeting with the advisor to the development of the villages of the area, with Dalia and Daniela so as to include the man and the area in future tours.

10.00Activities in the women’s club with Rochela and Daphne.

We met a group of women at Nabi Elias, 7 women and one young man who came actually to learn English and because there was no lesson joined us in our activities.  We brought knitting needles, wool, and knitting patterns of woolen socks for the use in homes in the cold winter.  The socks are pretty, colorful, in different sizes and suitable for all members of the family. The participants were very enthusiastic. Some of them did not know how to knit and learned during the activity. And we began to work.

Because we had no one to translate the relevant terms we used a dictionary which we had brought with us and with the help of the participants. This caused laughter sometimes and an amusing atmosphere. One of the participants made up songs in our honors and we decided at the end of the making of the socks (three meetings)  we would have a joyous ending (Garbiyada-"socks festival")

At the end we decided to have an English class run by Brenda, our new member. There is a great desire by the students of the village, both men and women to learn English. Because on other days they are studying at the university Brenda agrees to come on Fridays in the morning to teach.


10.45 Immatin - Nurit has begun to teach a class of 12 women Hebrew. When we arrived at the club they were already prepared with notes book. At the end of the lesson it seemed from their uplifted attitudes and from their reactions that the lesson has been interesting and enjoyable. The whole group wanted to learn Hebrew so Suzie made time to teach a little girl who had not gone to school, to sew.  The little one managed by herself to make a small bag and was very proud of her self.


 11.00 At the same time Brenda and Devorka went with Nadim around the area because of what we had learned about the activities of the army and the settlers in some of the villages in the area.

At the municipal building in Immatin we met the chief secretary who affirmed the story of one of the women that the army had thrown a gas grenade into her house at the end of the village. And in Par'ata the settlers had burnt  two cars.

11.40We drove to see the old road between Kadum and Nablus which is blocked today and from there to see the long way which the people of Kadum have to travel so as to get to and from Nablus.

The crossroad of Jit the roads are open.


12.30 Izbet Tabib.We went to meet G. because Fathhiya had informed us that two days before the army had attacked the village. It seems that in the last days the army has arrived at the village a few times, sometimes at 12 at night. The last time was on the 18.11.2013

The soldiers entered the village at 9.00 at night and threw two shock grenades which wounded two young men in the leg. They also entered a few houses including that of the head of the village. They arrested one child and another two of another family, the 3 between the ages of 12-13. And took them by jeep for questioning for an hour at the garage next to road of the village managed to photograph the way the soldiers broke into the house with the camerainfo-icon she had received from Be’stelem. When the soldiers saw her they tried (and did not succeed) to take the camera from her by force while kicking her.


M. reminded us that this is the occupation and said that the great difficulty is that the army does not stop and every two, three days come to the village. The army demands that a. they should take down the protest tent and b. that they should stop their activities of protest.

Hard to believe that the Palestinians will be able to swallow all this aggression on the part of the army for long and added to that the attacks of the settlers which no one succeeds or means to stop.