Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Galit A., Hagit B. (reporting); Charles K. (trans)

Meitar crossing

When we cross there are still laborers on the Israeli side of the checkpoint who hadn’t gone to work, apparently because of the storm – people aren’t working.  The parking lot on the Palestinian side isn’t very crowded, the sellers at the stands say the road to Dahariya is open, but it’s very hard to drive in Dahariya and on Highway 60.


Dura-Al Fawwar junction

Accessible only with difficulty.  There are two army jeeps at the checkpoint.


A sign in Hebrew on Highway 60, on the north side of the Meitar crossing, displays the hours the checkpoint is open and phone numbers.  The Carmel settlement is also advertising:  “Simply human.”


There’s snow on both sides of the road.  Below Imanzil village we meet four guys with a tractor, a water tanker and a pump – they’re filling water tanks.


We met N. at Sussiya.  There’s no school today; the children play outside.  The women take advantage of the sun to do laundry.  A wood stove helps against the cold.  All the cisterns have filled – a small consolation.


We meet F. from Umm Faqra on the way down to the road.  He’s taking his son to the clinic in Yatta.  He says it’s warm in the cave.


The women in Umm el Hir are warming themselves in the sun.  The men went to work.


Highway 365 is open as far as the pillbox.


An army vehicle pulls out a stuck Palestinian car.  Both the soldiers and Palestinians asked us not to take photographs.


We returned home because the road farther on was too slippery and full of snow.