Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Zipi reporting, M. driving and translation; Charles K. (trans)

We decided to leave early and drive straight to Hebron in order to bring some electrical items to people building the first [!] kindergarten in Tel Rumeida.  We arranged to meet at 7, before people went to work.

The kindergarten is unique in being a joint initiative of various people from Hebron, for the benefit of that neighborhood.  A. organized and coordinated all the participants and outside supporters; S. donated a building belonging to his family.  There are kindergarten teachers and many children.


When we went through the Sansana checkpoint at 6 AM we saw the army and police arresting people illegally in Israel.  As it is every Sunday the place is filled with laborers, employers and trucks loaded with sand.


We saw an expanded military presence at the junctions along the way: on the roadside near Samu’a, at the entrance to Dura, at the entrance to the road to Kvasim junction, a few meters farther on next to the water reservoir, at the entrance to Bani Na’im and also on the way back at the pillbox at Zif junction, as well as vehicles travelling along the road.


Hebron hasn’t yet awakened – it’s still a ghost town, other than the children on their way to school and TIPH cars.


We quickly gave S. our packages and started back.


Near the exit from Kiryat Arba we saw an access road had been paved to the Ariel winery.  Later we saw on Highway 60 that the dirt road to Ata Jabari’s house and fields had been blocked.  There’s a new wooden shack on Giv’at Gal.


On our way back we couldn’t ignore the new construction in all the settlements, some still underway and some completed.


The Tel Rumeida kindergarten needs toys and games.  Can you donate them?