'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Leah R. and Anna N. S., Translating Dvora K.


06:05 A'anin Agricultural CP

On our way to the CP a number of military jeeps are behind us, going in the same direction. At the CP there are soldiers and when the reinforcements arrive the passage begins. More than 150 people are waiting on the other side of the CP. We hear the voices from the distance, but do not see the inspection. The tempo of the passage is reasonable. Many tractors emerge with women and children. The people know the routine, know what is allowed and what is forbidden. They make the soldiers' work more efficient. Thus the soldiers can finish in time and go on to the next 'security' task .... The olive-picking is at its height. The crop is good this year, according to some, but still the authorities intend to bring it to an end within the next few days.

A man who has 120 dunams (more or less) of olives in the seamline zone has been asking for some time to go to work on his land through the Tura-Shaked CP which is open every day. Why does he have to struggle to get permission? Why does he hav to waste time and money and beg the authorities again and again, or to ask for help from two strange women? They do not allow him to do this. Until when?


07:10 Tura-Shaked CP

On the West Bank side dozens of people are waiting to go through to the seamline zone. Today, they opened the gate at 07:00. Not all of them knew that the CP would open an hour later and the soldiers claimed that they gave notice of the change to the village councils. Apparently they did not let the residents know. Who cares? Palestinian time is worth nothing. Pupils arrive, some of them on foot, some of them have rides. The younger girls are covered in  kerchiefs.


07:35 Barta'a=Reihan CP

On the surface the occupation routine is considerate and courteous. ('Enlightened Occupation'). Loaded commercial vehicles are standing in a line on the road, waiting. Taxis arrive one by one and emit people who work in Barta'a and in other places. They cross the terminal and go out of the sleeveinfo-icon into their rides immediately. Above there are some who are waiting for some special rides. 

08:00 We take a patient to the hospital in Haifa and end our shift.