South Hebron Hills, Wed 23.10.13, Morning

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Mira B., Judy A., Hamed Q. Ayat, Huda, Amna, Abed (driver)


The purpose of the visit was to discuss with Huda the plans for the coming year.  After almost three years of activities, we wanted to find a way to have her take greater responsibility for the activities.   She was receptive to our suggestion that she continue the topic of each activity and expand on it during the two weeks between our visits.  As she becomes more proficient in leading the activities, she should eventually be able share her knowledge and experience with the other preschool teachers in the area.  We also told her we would be pleased if for some our sessions, she would initiate creative activities that she thought would be of particular interest to the children in her preschool.  We continued to stress the importance of reading to the children and of encouraging them to act out the stories, something we tried last year with mixed success.  As we have done in the past, we will provide the supplies necessary for the activities.


Hamed brought up the issue of continued funding and the importance of showing the funders how our sessions with Huda have been incorporated into the daily workings of the preschool.  Evidence of the continuation of activities when we are not present and her initiation of new activities would be useful in the recruitment of further funding.  Hamed is going to provide Huda with a camerainfo-icon so she can photograph some of her continued activities in the preschool which can then be used on our funding requests.