Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Susiya

Galid Ader, Hagit Beck (reporting and photographing), Translator: Charles K.

Stories of the occupation


First story

Today is the eleventh anniversary of Yasser Arafat’s death.  It was commemorated on the West Bank.  A few youths from Dura and Al Fawwar decided to throw rocks.  It’s a little like throwing a javelin.  They’re far away from the pillbox on Highway 60 – there’s no way they could hit it.  The army summoned many Border Police and police cars to disperse demonstrations, closed the gatesinfo-icon on both sides (right photo) and created a long traffic jam.  We watched the battle of David and Goliath.



Second story:  The kindergarten in Hebron

Starting on Shuhadeh Street, opposite Beit Hadassah, you continue up toward the Cordova school – don’t turn left to the school, but keep going straight.  The kindergarten is located behind a black gate.  A family donated and renovated the building.  “Death to Arabs” has already been written on the wall.

The people running the kindergarten have asked us to donate as much equipment as possible.  Please think about who could give what, and let us know.

They wanted to build a new bathroom for the children but the army demolished it.  New construction is forbidden.




Third story.  The UN distributes basic commodities on Highway 356.  Local residents gather to receive them. (photo on the right)



Fourth story:

We visit the school built in Susia to show our support.  The school and the cemetery provide the strongest evidence of the determination to hold on.  The principal and teachers seem very sad and apprehensive – the court decided against them.  “You don’t want peace,” they tell us.  They’re not allowed to leave the village; their despair is terrible.  The peace talks go on and on while they have no part in them.