Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Ruti T., Yochi A. (reporting) Translation: Yael B-S


15:00 Tura-Shaked   

We're welcomed by two soldiers, male and female, who carry a large garbage can to the container outside the gate. The garbage of this can finds its way to the large container but much more of it is spread alongside the road and in the checkpoint area. Who is in charge of this neglect around the state-of-the-art checkpoint?

One car and a few pedestrians cross from the West Bank into the Seam Line zone. One car drops off three workers.

Quiet outside and traffic is sparse.


15:25  We leave.


15:30  Barta'a-Rihan

New concrete blocks by the inspection building.  A large Chanukka menorah stands in the center of the trafic circle, its lights bright. That reminded me of Zionism boulevard in Haifa which leads into the center of Wadi Nisnas (in the Arab section).

We went up the sleeveinfo-icon together with workers who returned home at this time. With us were two elderly men attired in Kafias. We wonder what would be the fate of the Kafia when the older generation would pass on?

all go through fast. "There are no problems".


16:00  We left.