Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan

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Rachellah H. (reporting) R.A. guest, Translation: Yael B-S.


7:30 Tura-Shaked checkpoint  

 Lively traffic on both sides. At the shed, people wait to be picked up for work. Drivers going into the West Bank leave their vehicles, enter the inspection booth and proceed. All of a sudden the routine is broken by the shouting of the female soldier at this man from Um-el-Rihan, whose passage permit has expired, but he have not receive the new one. He wanted to join his wife on her way to (?…..) but the soldier continued to scold him for not taking care of this matter in time (as if it is up to him). The couple return with their driver. We called the DCO. The Salem DCO does not answer. A man who appears to have authority arrives at the checkpoint. This time the "conversation" with the soldier takes place near the gate. She yells at the driver of the Jeep who tries to help"You stay out of it!!!"

We were unable to see who was inside the Jeep. Somebody said it was an officer. Within 2-3 minutes the couple was permitted to cross over. This after 45 minutes of a couple who needed to …… In front of this show we felt, more strongly, the need of the military to protect us.


08:00  We left. That soldier went out with an escort to throw out the garbage can.


08:45 Rihan-Barta'a

 One window is open inside the terminal. The corridor is full, traffic is swift. People had reported of passage that takes half an hour and that the rooms are filled up. A few came out after 10 minutes.

At 09:00 The replacement for the woman at the window showed up and we heard her question: " Why, MachsomWatch women are here?"


09:15  We left.

On the way out we notice that all parking area are filled up and the road leading to the checkpoint are crowded as well.


Dotan-Ya'abed checkpoint

On the way to the checkpoint, by the side of the road, a military vehicle is parked among the olive trees. Its doors are open.

The checkpoint is unmanned, the D-9 is still there.