Etzion DCL

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Yael L.-J., Avital F. (driver), Chana S. (reporting)


15.00  There were five Palestinian cars in the parking lot, but no one in the waiting-room.

After a while, a man who speaks fluent English came out.  He said he was active in a “non-violent resistance” organization (we did not catch the name of his village/town).  He had been called in by Security and had been there since 12 o’clock, as had other people also waiting inside (hence the cars). Then he went back in again.

It would appear that Tuesday is dedicated to such activities at the DCO.  This is the day when no magnetic cards are issued.

There is now (new to us, at any rate), a notice posted (not too conspicuously) specifying the days for issuing magnetic cards for each town/village.