Kufr alDik, Qira, Wed 8.5.13, Morning

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Harriet G., Nitza, Ruth B.Z., Naomi B.Z. (Reporting), Nadim (Driver), Translation Bracha B.A

09:00– We met at the Rosh HaAyin Train station and drove to A-Dik.  The road was quiet and there was little traffic of military vehicles.  When we reached the village Ruth and Naomi remained there while Harriet and Nitza continued on to Kira.  

There were about 20 women in the recreation hall in the village.   Ruth presented the women with material and sewing materials she had brought, and the women decided what they would sew and began working.  The women worked and helped each other under Ruth's direction, with the objective of creating handicrafts to sell.

When we spoke with the women, they expressed interest in learning English, cosmetics, and makeup.  It appeared that the cooperation between the women in the village and the women from Machsom Watch was successful.   They are looking forward to the day at the beach (in Israel).  Approximately 100 women and children will participate in the trip.

12:30– Nadim arrived with Harriet and Nitza to pick us up.  Their day in Kira was also successful.   There were two army jeeps on the road back to Rosh Ha'Ayin demonstrating their military presence.  We returned to Rosh HaAyin at 13:00.