Qalandiya, Mon 11.11.13, Afternoon

Natanya G. and Phyllis W. (reporting) and a guest from So. Africa

3:40 PM – When we arrived at the CP we saw about 10 laborers sitting and waiting in the northern shed for transportation to their homes.  Inside the CP three passageways were working.  About 20 laborers were anxiously waiting on line Passageway 4, hurrying to their afternoon shift at work.  The soldiers on duty in the "aquarium" were not paying much attention to what was going on outside the passageway and only when we made a racket did they look up and notice the large number of "clients".  A telephone call to headquarters also helped to focus their attention. 

About 10 people were waiting on line in each of passageways 1 and 2 and another 10 were waiting in the DCO shed.

At 4 PM we observed traffic jams at both the southern and northern entrances to the vehicle CP.  But there was no line in the western passageway for bus passengers.

The three passageways continued to operate in the CP proper until about 4:30 PM when one of them shut down.

A taxi driver told Natanya that the PA sends representatives to check on vehicles at Qalandiya CP, looking to find stolen cars or cars that can be fined for violations.  The drivers feel targeted by both the Israeli and the Palestinian authorities.