Qalandiya, Sun 10.11.13, Morning

Meira V., Marsha L. (reporting)

When we arrived at 5:00, there were no long lines outside the carousels.  Workers who had arrived early were already in the inspection lines.  All five inspection gatesinfo-icon were open, but the lines moved slowly.  Quickly, the lines of workers outside the carousels got longer and by 6:00, the lines continued to be long. When the policeman on duty that day saw the long lines, he saw to it that the lines of inspection moved more quickly.  By 7:00, almost all the workers had passed through. 

The Humanitarian Gate opened at 6:10 and everyone with a permit passed through quickly.  The surly policeman who is generally in charge did not work this day and perhaps that is why all lines moved efficiently.  The policeman on duty was more interested in efficiency than in causing problems for the workers.