'Anata-Shu'afat, Sheikh Saed, Thu 7.11.13, Morning

Rahel M., Michaela R. (reporting)




Sheikh Saed

The construction of the wall "for the benefit of residents" progresses.

Much concrete continues to be poured, enclosing the isolated neighbourhood.  While the wall grows higher no one bothers to build a shelter for those who will wait in line during the coming rains.

People cross, the magnometer beeps, and all is routine -- the single concern is security.

Anata - Shuafat

The usual morning turmoil in the transportation lot: with the help of local volunteers, it works like clockwork and masses of pupils are shepherded into the buses.  S. tells us of the municipality's demolition orders for many buildings occupied by some 15,000 persons.  The order has generated stormy responses in the neighbourhood and East Jerusalem.  The only service provided by the municipality is demolition orders.

In the lane for vehicles, routine inspections take place.

A grim looking guard came up and asked us to identify ourselves.  We refused because he was not wearing any identification.  He fetched his identity tag which indicated that he was authorized to check ID's.  Before he returned, two curious border policemen came up to us, but he yelled from a distance that we are "his".  After a thorough inspection of our documents to the satisfaction of all three, they returned to their positions and we went on our way.