Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Sat 2.11.13, Morning

Ruti T. - Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


6:55 Shaked-Tura checkpoint   

The site is open since 6:00.Young people await pickup for the olive picking. Salary is 170Nis per 8 hours of work. One of them who has been teaching himself Hebrew, tells us that unlike other days, today the checkpoint runs ok. He is interested in our Web site.

An officer approaches us, complains that he has received a negative notice in a report (his name was not mentioned), claiming that he is not familiar with the opening hours of the A'aneen checkpoint. He says :"There are soldiers here that are close to you ideologically but your reports hurt them". He speaks for himself saying that he is dedicated to Israel's security despite the fact that serving at the checkpoints is not the greatest pleasure for him. He tries his best to be considerate with the local residents.

He spoke in a friendly manner with a driver from Daher-el-Malec who is marring off his daughter and the joyous sounds coming out of his home reach the checkpoint. Yesterday the soldiers received sweets from the celebration. He adds :"There is nothing like Palestinian food". But they are not allowed to receive cigarettes from Palestinians; there is a penalty for that.


07:45 Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint  

Amgad and his daughter Mary are waiting at the Palestinian car park. They came early than usual today because they used a taxi from Jenin that charges only 10nis for the both of them. The car park is full. People enter the terminal without delays. Many come out from the upper sleeveinfo-icon, on the other side.

A few pickup trucks wait on the road for inspection tomorrow morning. I park at the trucks inspection area. It is vacant today and Mary is being inspected with all her equipment - wheel chair, walker, and a shield which covers her from neck to feet. All recognize her and she smiles at everyone. In the meantime I observe the dog keeper. He inspects together with the dog 6-7 vehicles. Drivers wait in a separate area. According to them inspection takes about 10 minutes. Other say' 20.


08:15I take Amgad and Mary to Um-el-Fachem to the center for children's development. Every Saturday Mary receives  an hour and a half treatment of physical therapy and another half-hour treatment with a communication specialist.. Her father says that she is happy there.