Etzion DCL, Wed 23.10.13, Afternoon

Shlomit S. Ora A. - Translator: Naomi Gal

14.00 A woman with a babyinfo-icon arrived, entered and immediately came out because they refused to renew her magnetic card that had expired. She was told that today, onetime only, they are not renewing magnetic cards. She was instructed to come back next week.

She was quite frightened and said she is afraid that she could not return to her home in Jerusalem, she does have a valid permit to stay in Israel, but at the checkpoint they won’t let her pass without a magnetic card. Shlomit spoke with officer R. who promised to arrange a passage without a magnetic card.


A young man approached us and said that he is GSS restricted for a hundred years! No less. We referred him to Sylvia. Another man to approach us was also GSS restricted prevented too, Sylvia had helped him in the past; he told us  hat he needed a letter from an employer, but his employer has difficulty writing. We called and talked with the employer and advised him. A man who needed police approval came to us. We called policeman Maher who agreed to see him. After a short time, the man came out satisfied. On the other hand, a carpenter that the Orthodox Church in Jerusalem wanted to employ for a month did not get a permit. He was told the church has to arrange this by a customary procedure