South Hebron Hills, Hashem alDarej, Thu 9.5.13, Morning

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) Hanadi, Nahem, Or – Students in the Sapir college; Hanadi organizes the activity with the help of Nahem. Or photographs the activity



Purpose of the workshop: Musical activity in the Hashem el-Daraj preschool with participation of Huda.


Topic of the activity: Teaching children songs (Arabic) with movements and dance.


There were about 30 children in the preschool day, more than usual.


Activity: Hanadi taught the children simple songs accompanied by various movements that allowed for improvisation. She also came with a disc of music so that she did not have to sing all the time. The children and Huda fully entered into the activity with much enthusiasm. Even children who are usually very inhibited readily and happily entered into the activity. The dancing movement changed from individual movements to group movements – this also helped to increase participation.


We brought percussion instruments with us and gave each child one. In a circle activity, each child had a chance to play the instrument in a ‘solo performance’ which the children enjoyed. For the last activity, Hanadi organized the children into a train and she led them around the room to the tune of the songs they learned.



Pictures of the activity (Judy – Gan Huda art activity April 18th, 2013


Staff” meeting:

We felt that this was a very successful activity. It seems that an activity which combines dance with familiar children’s songs works well. In one of our next activities we will arrange to sing with the children. We celebrated with Amna’s sweet tea, Huda’s pita and lebana (soft white goat’s milk cheese), and the cookies and dates we brought. We talk about the organization of the next event – butterflies. We also discussed the participation in the ‘day at the sea’ that is being organized by the women of Machsom Watch. It was upsetting that the preschool’s assistant Amna, who is the second wife of the head of the village, will not be able to attend because the village head will participate with another of his wives. We brought cleaning materials – even though in Hebron these material cost half as much. Next time we will also bring toilet paper – which is lacking.