Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL, Tue 15.10.13, Morning

Rachel M. Drora P. (reporting), Translator: Naomi Gal


As we approached the entrance we saw on the road to Gilo many cars and crowds of people marching toward the checkpoint. Police blocked the entrance and cars were not allowed to pass. It took us a while to realize that the date is the Memorial Day of Rachel the Matriarch. It isn’t clear if people went out to work. Has Eid al Adha already begun?

Etzion DCO 
We utilised the early hour and drove to the DCO. It was 08:00 and three young men arrived to obtain permits to enter Israel. "Today is a holiday and we want to take a hike." 
Two women-soldiers came toward them, and explained to that the computers are down hence there is no activity at the DCO. The men went back home angry and disappointed, as did we.  
On our way back we stopped at Jamila, the owner of the grocery store on the main road, and the meeting was joyful. Again greetings for the Holiday.  
In summary:  two holidays in one day. To the Palestinian joy in the Palestinian Authority confines, and limitations by our security system, and the other holiday: a prayer to Rachel our Matriarch that our heart’s wishes would be fulfilled