Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan, Sat 12.10.13, Morning

Rachel H (reporting), Broria (guest) Noa L.

0730-0800    Tura-Shaked

Traffic flows fast on both sides. Those crossing greet us and say that today all is well. Many people are on their way to pick olives. We were amazed by the new checkpoint poles (replacement of the forked sticks) that go up and down. The latest improvement in service of the occupation.


0810 – 0840  Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint   

The site is as busy as usual. Heavy traffic on both sides. We timed 16(!) minutes passage time for one person, from the West Bank into the Seam Line zone. But it might be out of the ordinary. Those coming out of the terminal say that today is OK and passage is swift. They also greet us.


0900 – 0915 Ya'abed-Dotan  

Soldiers from the kfir unit manned the checkpoint. Lines of vehicles alternate, going in one direction and then a second line goes through in the opposite direction. Passage is relatively fast. There are no long lines and waiting time is just a few minutes.

On our way we can observe the height of the olive picking season.