Barta'a/Reikhan, Tura/Shaked Wed. 05.06.13 afternoon

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Hanah H., Yocheved G.

Hanah H., Yocheved G.

Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


16:30 Tura-Shaked  

Five bored soldiers overlook the passage which is sparse. The hand of the ground barrio goes up and down automatically. There are only few pedestrians as well as vehicles. Passage is without delays.

From the direction of the West bank there is no traffic at all. The traffic light is red at all times.

A donkey with  a wagon is considered a vehicle; the driver gets off, goes in for inspection, is registered and only then returns to the wagon, which undergoes inspection as well. Only then he is allowed to cross.


17:00 Barta'a-Rihan

Two illegals wait on the bench at the entrance to the terminal. There are no problem at the entrance. Residents going down to the terminal greet us, but the last one complains "You do not help". True, in the face of their despair, how little we can actually do.