Beit Furik, Habla, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 8.10.13, Afternoon

Petahya, Leora G., Pitzi (reporting) Vehicle: Nadim

The Habla gate is wide open. We have never seen all the gatesinfo-icon open thus, in both directions, and the soldiers standing aside calmly, but they do not reciprocate my Shalom greeting. There is no pressure, perhaps because the closing time approaches. Two Palestinians arrive running, in order not to be too late. But the soldiers do not seem to be in a rush to close.


Surprise!  Adal arrives with another soldier from the DCO. It turns out that he is conducting a tour of the gates, and is very pleased to note that everything is going smoothly. He converses with us and the soldiers and drives away.


The gate at Azzun is open.


The Huwwara CP is manned, but there are not delays. Beit Furiq is desolate. We return by way of Awarta. Awarta is a big village, some of the houses are beautiful and well cared for. There are no people on the streets.


At Huwwarta everything is lively. There are no military vehicles. Commerce flourishes. New places are being opened. There are now four delicatessen shops, in which one can eat Knaffe.


At the Tapuah junction there are many detaineesinfo-icon, who sit on the side. The soldiers check a vehicles. On the side stands a woman dog trainer, near an open vehicle. It seems she will soon send the dog there. It's a long time we haven't seen such an intensive activity there.


We drive in the direction of Ariel. There we fixed an appointment with three Shabak (General Security Service) preventees in order to have them sign powers of attorney and other forms to enable handling the removal of the prevention (at Silvia's request, of course!)


Two of them are waiting at the restaurant of Abu Ali (what a name!)! Leora has them sign and explains to them on what they are signing. The third said he would be late and we are prepared to wait for him, but he doesn't arrive and doesn't answer the phone. We wait half an hour after the time we fixed and then, after consultation with Silvia, we decide to give up. Perhaps next week he will decide to arrive.


We pass through the Samaria gate. The woman who checks doesn't ask us this time where we are from.


Near Kafr Kassem an enormous fire rages.


On the way to Kfar Saba the road is very congested. We return to our routine.