Qalandiya, Sun 6.10.13, Afternoon

Roni Hammermann and Tamar Fleishman (reporting)


Translating: Ruth Fleishman



Tear gas was shot out of the checkpoint. But who cares that tens and perhaps hundreds of human beings, among them babies and elders, were inhaling the toxic gas, chocking, suffocating and tearing?


Two or three boys and another one that joined in, with sharp stones, fingers making the V sign and obscene gestures as rude insults came out of their parched throats- got the army dancing to their tune. But who cares that the security guard that came out of the vehicle checkpoint and took/stole from the man who sales pillows "ten unites"?

Only after we busted in to the checkpoint (= the army's definition for a situation when someone enters the checkpoint or passes in spite the order given, an action that endangers the lives of Palestinians but not ours) and we confronted Rafi the policeman, who wouldn't admit or deny, but let it slip that the pillows would be returned and only then was stolen property given back to its owners. 

It was all because he (the pillow salesman) was standing at a place he wasn't permitted to be, the security man explained the educational motive for the act.


 There were many military vehicles on the main road, much more than on ordinary days. It might be because of the incident on the previous night at Psagot in which a child was injured. All the radio reports kept say that Psagot was near the village El-Bira, and El-Bira is after all by the entrance to Ramallah, and in the spirit of the official Israeli representatives it has to be asked: What kind of design was behind this? Why was El- Bira  and Ramallah build so close to a settlement?