'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Mon 30.9.13, Morning

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Leah R., Roni S., Reporting, Translation: Bracha B.A.

06:05 – A'anin Agricultural Checkpoint

When we arrived the gate was already open.  About ten people had already crossed and were pleased that they were able to cross quickly today.

The checkpoint consists of three gatesinfo-icon that are far from each other, and we are only able to see and hear what is going on at the gate close to us and the gate in the center.  A'anin checkpoint is only open two days a week, and only then can farmers from A'anin cross to their olive groves in the seamline zone that are on the other side of the separation barrier.

Even though the olive harvest will begin only in two weeks, the farmers have requested that the checkpoint be open longer so that they can prepare for the harvest.   They were told at their regional council that the gate would be open on Friday, October 4th, despite the fact that the gate is usually closed on Fridays.  People also reported that 1,000 permits (?) were received to cross to the seamline zone during the olive harvest.

We hear a lot of noise from the lower gate that we cannot see.  A farmer arrives whose groves are on the wrong side of the checkpoint. He has requested a permit to cross at Shaked-Tura Checkpoint, which is open every day, but he only received a permit to cross at A'anin. Another Palestinian reports that his permit was taken away and he was told to collect it at the Liaison and Coordination Administration at Salem, but when he arrived there in work clothes they became angry and sent him home again without a permit.

06:40 – An army jeep arrives and soldiers get out and go to the far gate of the checkpoint, leaving the motor running.  We think about the pollution and wasted fuel.

06:47 – People are crossing very slowly, and we are told that there are close to 100 people waiting to cross.  Despite the fact that over 1,000 permits were issued, there are still entire families who have not received permits.

We left for Shaked – Tura Checkpoint at 06:55, which is due to open at 07:00

07:05 – The checkpoint, which is a "fabric of life" checkpoint located at the separation barrier, is still closed.   An armored vehicle with soldiers arrives at 07:10.  There are people waiting to cross in both directions.   Crossing begins at 07:15 but we are unable to see people being checked.   On our side cars are waiting to take people to work in the nearby settlement of Shaked and industrial zone.   Other drivers are checked before they continue towards the Palestinian Authority.

07:25 – We leave to drive to Reihan – Barta'a checkpoint to collect Ali and his mother who will be driven to Rambam Hospital by Leah. 

07:35 – Reihan – Barta'a Checkpoint

Ali and his parents are waiting for us when we arrive.  His mother's ID is checked and checked again at the vehicle checkpoint.  Ali and his mother say goodbye to his father and we leave at 07:45.