Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Thu 10.10.13, Afternoon

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Ravital S., Rocheleh H (reporting, photographing), Translator: Charles K.


13:50  Bezeq checkpoint

We crossed. Three huge transporters carrying tanks came toward us.


Alon Road (578)


14:20  Hamra checkpoint

Heavy traffic, a line of 10-15 minibuses, buses, taxis, cars, and trucks wait to go west.  Crossing flows almost without delays.  Occasionally drivers’ IDs were inspected.  Two policemen wearing black, in a rental car (Kal-Auto), gave a ticket to a Palestinian driver.  When I asked to what police station they were attached they snapped, “Can I help you?” in response.

A military vehicle stood in the middle of the road half a kilometer east of the checkpoint; soldiers with drawn weapons got out and began inspecting the contents of a taxi.

The awning shading the checkpoint is still torn.  The sun is strong, very hot.  A military police banner flew.  A sergeant and DCO soldier asked who we were.  When we asked them who they were,  they contemptuously replied that they’re soldiers, and walked away.

15:05  We left.

15:15  Khirbet Khalat Makhoul

The destruction is obvious, but it also seems as if they’re starting to rebuild.  People wait for the Friday visit.  We sat with three people who were under the “tree.”  We left them water and oranges and drove on.


15:45  Tayasir checkpoint

Two paratroopers wearing red berets (by order of the brigade commander) asked who we were; later we declined their offer of coffee.  We had no other contact with them. 

Cars cross with no delays.

16:15  We left


16:30  Bezeq checkpoint

Lines at the entrance (it’s Thursday).  “We’re fine,” and they let us continue on our way.