Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Thu 3.10.13, Afternoon

Revital S., Rachel H. Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

We crossed the Bezek Checkpoint at 13:50.

The hothouses in the area of Bardala and Ein El Barda are plowed and waiting to be planted.


Alon Road, Route 578

It appears that the week's training is ending in the military zones, and vehicles are waiting to take soldiers home.


14:10 - Hamra

There is a lot of traffic, and minibuses with workers are returning from the areas south of the Dead Sea (Arava).

The awning at the checkpoint is torn, and there are no flags. There are soldiers from the armored corps who have arrived at the checkpoint yesterday.  The friendly sergeant who approached us questioned the legality of our standing there.  After a half an hour, when we were ready to leave, he asked us to wait for the police since it was forbidden for us to take pictures. We didn't wait and he relented when he saw that we meant to leave.  We left at 14:40.


14:50 – Khalat Makhul

We met Yussuf under a thorny acacia tree.  He told us about another military incursion on Wednesday night in which the army destroyed the sheds which they had managed to erect.  There are panels there for producing electricity which had not been demolished.  The tin sheds from the previous demolition were loaded on a truck.  They were sold at a low price. Yussuf reported that the cameras in the Um-Zuka Camp above them record everything they do, including our visit.     

Unfortunately we could not stay there long, despite Yussuf's request that we waited until the women and children returned from Tamun.  He asked us to find him a refrigerator, such as the one that Dafna ahd brought.   


15:40 – Tayasir Checkpoint

Here, too the soldiers were from the armored corps.  We were politely asked not to stand in the upper position and went to stand next to some bushes bearing fruit, some of which we ate.  A lot of trucks were driving west carrying straw.  One was covered with a black tarpaulin and the driver was asked to remove it to be checked.  

At 16:00 we prepared to leave, but were told that Eitan Ben On from the command post had asked for our ID numbers.  We cooperated and in exchange the soldier gave us his name and number.  He dictated our ID numbers on the phone and we understood from the conversation that they had verified that we were not wanted or anything else.  We left.


 16:20 – Bezek Checkpoint

There is a long line since it is Thursday.  We reported that we were well and drove through.