Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Tue 13.8.13, Morning

Judy Aurbach, Hagit Sher-Shalom, Michal Tz. (reporting). Guest: Nina. Translator: Charles Kamen.

Meitar crossing was empty this morning at 09:00. 

All laborers had already crossed; there were no unusual inspection procedures.


Highway 317

Little traffic.  We showed Nina the differences between a Jewish locality and Palestinian localities adjacent to it:  Susya vs. Susya, Carmel vs. Umm el Hir.  Even though we’ve seen no end of sights and of evil, the gap always shocks us anew.


Hebron – Nothing has changed in Hebron - Giv’ati soldiers still occupy Beit HaMeriva and Beit HaMachpela is still quiet.  As we approached the entrance to the Cave of the Patriarchs plaza we’re stopped by Border Police soldiers.  They don’t ask for permits but ask, threateningly, Are you Muslim?  Do you know you’re not allowed to enter?  Since we’re aware that their motivation can sometimes be excessive we decided not to stop and instead parked in the lot next to Beit HaMeriva.


Suddenly two children run from the direction of the Border Police booth.  We know them; they always hang around asking for money.  This time the soldier chased them (excess motivation?), they approach us, he follows and chases them away.  I think our presence saved them from being slapped – given their grins.  That’s what they do for fun.  The soldiers at the entrance to the Avraham Avinu neighborhood have relocated the emplacement.  It’s now right on the road up to Shuhadah, on our left.

No detaineesinfo-icon at any of the checkpoints in the city.  A settler sits talking to a soldier at the Tel Rumeida emplacement – just in case we forget who’s in charge.

Yesterday Irit Struck was asked on a radio program about her plans for the Knesset recess.  She’ll take some new members to visit Hebron.

How wonderful.


We, on the other hand, were happy to leave.


The observation balloon floats above Highway 60.  Near Beit Haggai they’re preparing to open the yellow gate at the southern entrance to Hebron, to ease Palestinian traffic.  A concrete booth is under construction.