'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Mon 23.9.13, Morning

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Zafrira Z, Neta G. (reporting)

Translation: Shelly K.


6:10 Aanin Checkpoint

We were a bit late. The soldiers were late too but they opened the passage quickly. They tell us that over 100 people are waiting. One man tells us that last Monday they confiscated his 18-year-old son’s permit. During the week, he went to the District Coordination Office (DCO) and the permit has been returned to him. On Thursday they confiscated it again. We will try to investigate why.

Asking someone “how are you,"  we received the answer “All right”.  Seconds later he clarified, “Not so all right – there’s a checkpoint.” Another person said that in about two weeks the harvest will begin and the checkpoint will be open daily.


7:05 Tura Shaked Checkpoint

Two vehicles and six people are waiting on the seamline zone side. People are also waiting on the other side of the gate. The soldiers arrive only at 7:10 and open the gate within five minutes. At 7:30 the young schoolchildren arrive in their transport vehicle. Other students arrive on foot.


7:40 Barta’a Reihan Checkpoint

Workers and transport vehicles wait on the seamline zone side. A constant stream of people exits the terminal and goes outside the checkpoint through the wired passages. Six trucks are waiting to be inspected in front of the vehicle checkpoint.

We take our young passenger Ali, along with his mother, to his regular treatment in Rambam Hospital, and we go via the vehicle checkpoint. There we see a Palestinian vehicle being thoroughly inspected. The underside of the vehicle is inspected with the help of a mirror. The examiners wear disposable plastic gloves and use flashlights.