Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Mon 16.9.13, Morning

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Lea R, Neta Golan (Reporting)


Translation: Shelly K.




6:05 Aanin Checkpoint

The first people go through. They say that about 100 are waiting. We don’t see them since the check is conducted below, between the middle gate and the side gate of Kfar Aanin. People are waiting outside of our visibility range.

A woman and her son of about 13, arrive. The son is listed in the mother’s ID but did not bring his birth certificate. He rushes back to his house in the village and returns with the document. They pass through. A woman arrives with a babyinfo-icon in her arms. An unusual sight at this checkpoint. People say that they have already applied for the many permits needed for the upcoming olive harvest. They have not yet been received nor have they been notified when the season will begin and the checkpoint gatesinfo-icon will be open every day.


7:00 am Tura Shaked Checkpoint

The soldiers arrive. Students and teachers also arrive. The pedestrian gates are still locked. At 7:15 they are opened. Passage is quick on both sides. The computer is broken. One person says “I wish it was broken every day.”


7:30 Barta-Riehan Checkpoint, Palestinian side

People arrive and crowd into the terminal on their way to the seamline zone. Few pass to the west bank. A resident of Aanin who passes through Barta and has a permit for this checkpoint doesn’t get an agricultural permit for the Aanin checkpoint despite the fact that he has an olive orchard in the seamline zone.


7:50  “Bridge” near Zabde

Blocked as usual. The gate is locked on the northern side and stones on the southern side. One of the drivers that earns his living by transporting passengers from the “bridge” to Barta checkpoint explains that the reason for the blockage is the proximity of the “bridge” to the checkpoint.

We are traveling to the Military Court in Salem, A report will be issuedseparately.