Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Fri 16.8.13, Morning

Leora S., Varda Z. (reporting)

 Translator: Hanna K.



Irtah\Sha'ar Ephraim Dawn Shift


05:10The first workers are already outside, they say the day is a good one. Near the separation fence the queue is calm, the square is clean, the turnstiles open and shut and let people enter with a regular beat.


05:25We proceed in the direction of the entrance to Israel. The stream of outgoing people is stable. At least 4 passages are open.


05:30suddenly the leading doors are slammed shut and the turnstiles stop. It is not clear why. One person is stuck between the doors and the turnstiles. The doors are opened at 05:35 and an enormous stream of people assembles near the turnstiles. Within minutes a watchman appears and opens the side door (see the report of three weeks ago), thus releasing the pressure quickly then locks the door and leaves.


A person begs us for our help to obtain an authorization to pass through the Tura\Shaked CP. According to him this is nearer to the village where he lives and to his place of work. If he gets such an authorization he won't have to set out at 02:30. We don't know what to advise him, and give him two telephone numbers: That of Sylvia and that of Hanna B. We hope he will be able to get advice or instructions.


Another person begs for our help to obtain a work permit for his brother in Israel. Again we refer him to the aforementioned persons. Perhaps it would be useful to instruct us what may be done for those requiring our advice, beyond what we did now.


06:10 we left.