Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Tue 10.9.13, Afternoon

Hanah H.

Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


13:05 – 15:00


13:05 Tura checkpoint

  There is one car at the checkpoint, on its way to the Seam Line zone. The car is delayed and is sent back to the West Bank. Within 5 minutes it returns and goes through into the Seam Line zone.As it turns out the driver had 6 packs of cigarettes while he was allowed to bring in 2 packs only.

Vehicles as well as pedestrians cross over on both sides.

School children return from school and go through without inspection.


13:55 – Barta'a checkpoint

There are signs in Arabic asking people to keep the place clean. The signs are also hanged on bus stations that do not serve the Arabic speaking population.


14:05  Workers begin returning from Barta'a and from Israel. They exercise bringing in large items (living room table, rugs) through the carousel. Youngsters who work second shift at the Shaked (Sha"hak) industrial area cross over from Jenin .


14:15  Other workers and Seamstresses  begin arriving. One of the Seamstresses is a woman from Tul Karem (She crosses from Barta'a in the morning as well) she reports that morning passage through the Sh'ar Ephraim gate is extremely difficult for women because soldiers do not allow a separate line for women.