Bethlehem (300), Tue 10.9.13, Morning

Rachel M. Drora P. (Reporting)

Naomi Gal Translation


We arrived at 6:45. Three windows are open. So far about 4,000 people had passed. Everything around us is relaxed. There is a constant flow of people.

Without paying attention we discover that one window has closed and in one of the two windows operating one of the soldiers left the computer, came out of her cubicle and checked the passing people just by glancing at their permits. This kind of checking accelerates the passage considerably.

According to information we received from one of the security guards, I am not sure it’s accurate, but he said that the number of people passing throughout the day is around 10,000. If this is true then it appears that new and different policies are being implemented. What does it implies?

Greetings for Yom Kippur and May each one of us treat this day at will.